Animation Baker 

AnimationBaker is the utility used to forcibly fill the interpolated space in clip with keyframes.  

You might wonder when this would be useful.

Please take a watch of this video:

We could bring up the Animation Baker via the MenuItem "Window/Skele/AnimationBaker";


Here's the steps to use it:

  1. Click the "Add Root Entry" button to add a slot, then drag the animating model's topmost GameObject into it. (If you've multiple top-level models are animated in one clip together, add multiple entries and fill them all)
  2. Click the "Not baking" button to make it "baking";
  3. Switch to the Animation View, drag the timeline head on the timeline, if a transform is modified at that time position, then a keyframe will be added there for the transform.
  4. When you feel there're enough keyframes, click the "baking" button to toggle it off to "Not baking";
  5. [Optional] The result clip will have a lot of keyframes, if the size matters to you, you could use the Animation Compressor to compress this clip.