Anim Curve Prop Editor

AnimCurvePropEditor is designed to help the experienced users to mess with animation clip's transform path & properties directly. 

As the operations here have a big chance to corrupt clip file if used improperly, it's strongly recommended to backup the original clip before the usage;

Before we dive into the details, let's see some use-cases first:

Batch modify transform paths after merging clips

Fix single transform path after modifying hierarchy


Then, let's examine each feature of the Editor:

Batch Add Prefix

"Batch Add Prefix" is used to add prefix to the transform paths of many curves;

It takes several step to add prefix to a batch of curves:

  1. Select multiple properties in the Animation View;
  2. Fill the "Prefix" field with needed prefix text;
  3. Click "Apply Prefix" to make it take effect;

Note: the Animation View might not refresh immediately, poke the AnimationView to make it update;