Animation Compressor

This utility is used to greatly reduce keyframe numbers inside animation clips.

Reducing keyframes could effectively reduce memory usage of animation;

Compare the two images below, see how many keyframes have been stripped out with AnimationCompressor;




The usage of Animation Compressor is very simple, take these steps:

  • Bring up the EditorWindow at the MenuItem "Window/Skele/Anim Compressor";
  • Drag the clip into the first field, click the "Execute" button, then it's done.


The options in the editors are similar to the Unity Animation importer's options, you do not need to modify them usually, but if the compressed clip has lost too much quality, you could make the parameters smaller and try it again.

When would I need to use "Anim Compressor"?

Usually you might want to compress the clip after you perform an action of baking keys.

1. You need to bake clip when you convert a constraint-driven clip to the standard skeleton clip; (read this part in the Constraint System manual)

2. The Muscle Clip Converter would bake clip automatically when convert muscle clip to non-muscle clip;

Special thanks to the Mecanim.Dev from Unity, who helps most on this tool.