Share Skeleton

"Share Skeleton" utility is used to bind two skinned meshes onto one skeleton, if they've common skeleton hierarchy.

You could also refer to this old thread to find out what it's mean to: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/44355/shared-skeleton-and-animation-state.html

For example, say we've a warrior model, and we want to wrap an arm-armor (from shoulder to hand) on the model, of course, it must be able to bend with the elbow, move with the shoulder.

If the base model of warrior and the arm-armor are both skinned with the same skeleton, then you could use the share-skeleton utility to bind the arm-armor onto the warrior model.

(Techniqually, they don't have to be skinned against same skeleton, just require all bones of armor have counterparts in the warrior model. And by 'counterpart', it means two bones' names match)


You could find a testing example scene at Assets/Skele/_ExampleScenes/ShareSkele.unity

As you can see in the image below, there're one robot model and a hat model, both are skinned with the same skeleton. Our target is to bind the hat on the head of the robot, so when robot moves around, the hat will follow.


To archieve that, follow these steps:

  • Bring up the ShareSkeleEditor located at menu item of "Window/Skele/Share_Skeleton".
  • Fill the Main SMR field with the robot model's SkinnedMeshRenderer;
  • Fill the Extra SMR field with the hat model's SkinnedMeshRenderer;
  • Click the "Share_Skele" button and we're done;


(Of course, an arm-armor or something that has multiple bones involved would be better to explain the usage)