Constraint System Manual

Example: Walk Motion

In this page, we'll show an example of using constraint to make animation clips. It's an intermediate-level example which involve IK, IK-constraint, constraints, helper-object, AnimationView, clip baking, clip compressing.

Be noted that making clips is only one of the many usage of constraints.

This example consists of three parts:

In the first part, you would see how to setup the IK:

  • example to set up helper objects;
  • example to set up IK solver;
  • example to set up IK-constraints;
  • Move the limb with IK solver 

To avoid confusion, I need to point it out that IK-solver could act as an independent component, developer could using it outside the Skele's Bone-Editor.

In the second part, we will show how to use CopyPosition constraint to connect the position properties from hips and the feet, so we could move the whole model by only moving the two feet.

Also we'll use Floor constraint to prevent the foot-target to burrow into the ground.

In the third part, we will show how to make the clip with what we've setup.

Then we'll show you how to bake the clip to make it also work on models without constraints;

Also you'll see how to use the Animation Compressor to reduce keyframes in the clips;