Constraint System Manual

Shrink Wrap

ShrinkWrap constraint pulls the owner towards the target's mesh.

This constraint is useful to make floor & wall, and can be used to constrain foot's IK target when make walking animation.

Check the preview image below:


Here we explain each options in the ShrinkWrap editor;

Project method

(ShrinkWrap contraint using Project method)


This method will cast a ray from pivot of owner along specified direction, if it hits the target's mesh, the hit point will be taken as the new position of owner;


Owner will be projected on the mesh surface of this target;

Be noted that, if the raycast from owner cannot hit on the target mesh, then the owner's position will be unchanged;


Nearest Vertex method

(ShrinkWrap constraint using NearestVertex method)


This methods will put owner at the nearest vertex on the target mesh, when in editor, this method will turn on the renderer's wireframe.


The target's mesh provides the vertex position for owner to project to.