Constraint System Manual

IK Solver

CCD Solver(IK Solver) constraint, directly calls the CCDSolver to bend the IK link to reach the specified target, it can also utilize IK-constraints such as AngleConstraint & ConeConstraint to improve quality;

To find out how to setup IK-constraints to improve the IK solver calculation quality, check the CCDIK part of skeleton animation manual.

Check the preview image below:


Here we explain each options in the CCDSolver editor;

CCDSolver can setup the IK-link in auto-mode by "BoneCount" if all the joints are in a hierarchy formed by transform.parent.

Or user can setup manually the IK-link in manual-mode, this could enable to make up a link without constraint of hierarchy.

In most cases, auto-mode should be able to satisfy the needs.

(Be noted to click "Apply" button after modifying the link)




The target transform, the IK link will try best to reach the target constantly;