Timeline Editor Manual


In this page, we'll cover some other miscellaneous stuff.

Enable/Disable track

AnimatorSP added a feature to temporarily enable/disable selected track. This could help when we need to isolate some tracks or want to preview how things look like without some tracks.


You could see the small check-mark toggle beside each track's name, if it's toggled on, then this track is enabled, else this track is disabled and it will not drive the corresponding object since then.


AnimatorSP added a bunch of hotkeys to help boost efficiency.

(1) Keyframe-related:

I: Insert/update keyframe(s) at current timeline position for selected tracks(where the head is);

Del: Delete keyframe(s) at current timeline position for selected tracks;

Ctrl+C/V/X/A: Copy/Paste/Cut/SelectAll keyframes;

(2) Track-related:

Del: Delete selected track / track-group;

Up/Down arrow: select the track above / below current one;

(3) Navigation-related:

Left/right arrow: Move the head on the timeline;

Ctrl+Left/right arrow: Move to prev/next keyframe on timeline;

Alt+Left/Right arrow: Move the head on timeline with 5x speed;

Home/End: Move the head to the head/tail of the timeline;

Drag with MMB held: Pan the timeline view;

(4) Playback-related:

Alt+A: play/stop current take;