Timeline Editor Manual

Takes Management

The workflow of takes management has changed a lot with the change of storage method;

In this page, we'll show these aspects of takes management in AnimatorSP:

  • Initialize AnimatorData component;
  • Create & Save take;
  • Import take;
  • Remove take;
  • Delete take;

As mentioned in the original document, AnimatorData component contains information of the takes. In another word, the relation between AnimatorData & Takes, is quite like the relation between Animator component & animation clips.

In AnimatorSP, the takes are not bound to the AnimatorData, AnimatorData component can import specific takes when needed.



Initialize AnimatorData

To initialize AnimatorData, the first step is to bring up the AnimatorSP editor window.

We could invoke it via MenuItem "Window/Skele/Animator SP: Timeline Editor" or just simply press Hotkeys "Alt+Shift+W".


AnimatorSP EditorWindow would automatically open previous AnimatorData instance if we had opened one in this scene before. If there's not, we'll see the StartUp UI below instead.


There're three options:

  • "Add New Instance": Create a new GameObject with AnimatorData component and open it;
  • "AutoFind Component": Try finding an existing AnimatorData component in current scene, do nothing if cannot find one;
  • "Select From Scene": Manually specify an AnimatorData instance from the scene, it fits the situation when there're multiple AnimatorData instance in one scene.

Create & Save Take

There're two circumstances that you create new take.

New AnimatorData

The first one happens when you click the "Add New Instance" in the startup UI;


If in this UI, you choose the "Create New Take", then a file dialog will pop up and let you choose a location to save the new take asset file. After that, you will be able to edit the empty new take.


Import Take

The steps to import an existing take:

  • Click the button with a circle and plus mark;
  • Click the button of object field on the popup window;
  • Select an existing take from the "Assets" tab;


Remove Take

Click the button to the right of the "Import Take" button to remove current in-edit take from this AnimatorData;

Be noted that, Remove =/= Delete, the take asset is still in the project, you could import it later;

Delete Take

To delete a take completely, just delete the take asset file from project window;

Reset AnimatorData

If developer needs to switch to another AnimatorData, click the "Reset" button, it will return to the StartUp UI. Developer then could select another AnimatorData like described in "Initialize AnimatorData" section;