Timeline Editor Manual


In this page, we will focus on the big picture of AnimatorSP (alternative name for "Skele's Timeline Editor"). You'd best have already browse through the original document, as we'll not make detailed explanation if the concept is already covered in original document and no change is made in our implementation either.


(The main UI look)

If you've already browsed through the original document, now you might wonder what've been changed in the AnimatorSP? Well, let me make a brief list here:

  • We've changed how animation data is stored and used to make things work like the Animator<->AnimationClip forms.
  • Some new types of tracks: "Animator" track to let you handle Animator component; "Scale" track to scale object bigger/smaller;
  • Fixed some compatibility issues on Unity5, and some interface issues;
  • Changed some workflow, added a bunch of hotkeys to work with the editor;
  • CodeView & MegaMorph & JsonExport are scheduled to be removed.

Data storage

In the original implmentation, Takes are exported/imported with all the related GameObjects as individual scenes. This ensures that the reference of objects are always valid, and takes are easier to manage. However this might also complicates reusing takes between different scenes.

AnimatorSP modifies the animation data storage and usage by storing each take in the form like animation clip, which means we store the animation related data into the Asset files and we could use it in any scene later. And instead of storing the object reference, we store the transform path, when we're going to use it, we try to rebind the string of transform path to the actual object in the current scene, like the standard Unity animation clip does.

New tracks

The original implementation already has many different tracks to handle different objects.

In AnimatorSP we complement it by adding Animator & Scale tracks;

Animator track allows users to manipulate Animator component, i.e.: handle Mecanim-related animation;

Scale track allows users to scale GameObjects, e.g.: Mesh, UI, etc.


AnimatorSP also fixed some compatibility & UI issues, like shaders for Iris, jitter when drag window. etc. 

Some basic workflow has been changed too, we will cover them in next page.


Some original features are not fit anymore, and are scheduled to be removed from AnimatorSP:

  • CodeView;
  • Megamorph;
  • Json Import/Export of takes;

In the next page, we'll cover the new workflow of managing takes.