Timeline Editor Manual

Hello World

In this manual, we'll talk about the new timeline editor introduced in v1.9.0.

Before Skele v1.9.0, we had been using the Unity AnimationView as the Cutscene editor. AnimationView is a very useful and versatile editor, but there're a few inconvenience with it:

  • For one clip, all animated objects must be descendants of the same root GameObjects. This requirement puts extra pressure on the hierarchy planning, and might result in many helper GameObjects to work around.
  • AnimationView has a fixed target, hence it doesn't expose much interface for extension, we could only utilize "animation event" to implement extra features. However, all "animation events" share the same track on the AnimationView editor, which makes the editing work hard to scale and manage when things get complex.

Although we had received quite a lot of suggestions to upgrade for the Cutscene editor part, but writing a new timeline editor, well, that's just quite a lot of work.

Thanks to the Abdulla Ameen, the Author of the "Animator: Timeline Editor", who permits us to integrate this great tool into Skele package. Now we've a new & better solution for making Cutscenes.


In the next pages, we'll see how to use the AnimatorSP Timeline editor to make cutscenes.

Okay, now let's get started! ლ(╹◡╹ლ)