DAE Exporter Manual

 Export Non-Skinned Mesh

Let's try exporting non-skinned mesh first. 

A non-skinned mesh is usually in the form of MeshFilter + MeshRenderer in Unity, it has no bone, no animation, only mesh info.

it's the most simple case, so let's begin with it.

Bring up the "DAE Exporter" editor window with the MenuItem "Window/Skele/DAE Exporter".


There're quite a few options in the DAE Exporter editor window, but most of them are for skinned mesh exporting, so we could ignore them for now.

The only thing we should care about is the MF(MeshFilter) entry:

As shown in the image below, we're trying to export a standard Unity capsule primitive mesh.


We will take 3 steps to export this mesh:

  1.  Click the "Add MF Entry" button, it opens a ObjectField accepting MeshFilter reference;
  2.  Drag the Capsule from Hierarchy window into the ObjectField (or whatever method you choose to fill it);
  3.  Click the "Export!" button, select a location for the generated archive file.

After these steps, you will be able to find the exported mesh in specified location.


* When would I export a non-skinned mesh?

  1. export modified mesh, Skele's Mesh-Manipulator and some 3rd-party plugins have abilities to modify existing meshes in some way. If you would like to export them in transferable archives, you could utilize this exporter;
  2. export procedural generated mesh, some 3rd-party plugins can create meshes in edit-mode / game-mode, you could use this exporter to save the generated meshes for reuse or modification purposes.