Vertex Animation Manual

 Make Vertex Animation

Okay, as we're done talking about how to deform the meshes, now let's check out how to make animation with them :D

You could get an overview with this video:


shape animation

The key component in our vertex animation (or shape animation) implementation, is the MorphProc MonoBehaviour.

First, click the "MorphProc" button on the GUI, it would add the MorphProc MonoBehaviour on the target GameObject. Be noted that, the shape at the time will be taken as the base shape, which is the starting point of each morph.

NOTE: Don't add MorphProc manually.

Second, modify the mesh to the desired shape, and click the "New Deform" button on the MorphProc inspector, this will add a new "shape" into MorphProc.

Each "shape" has a weight in [0, 100] range, where 0 means no effect, 100 means full effect;

You could tweak the weight in inspector and see how it respond to your tweak.

Multiple shapes can take effect together, they work in an additive method, not override method.


Third, After we get shapes ready, we could make shape animations.

Bring up the Animation View (if you're not familiar with Animation View, check this tutorial), and add keyframes on the weight for shapes.

(You could use curves to tweak the change rate of the weight value, like in the image below)

Voila! the shape animation clip is well made, you could play it in preview and play it in game-mode;