Vertex Animation Manual

 Open & Close Mesh-Manipulator

Mesh-Manipulator has an EditorWindow, to bring it up, select the MenuItem located at 'Window/Skele/Mesh Manipulator' or use the hotkey 'Ctrl+Alt+M'


 The EditorWindow looks like this:


To get started, just click the "Start Edit" button to activate it.

Be noted that, the "Start Edit" button will be disabled if current selection doesn't contain a MeshFilter/SkinnedMeshRenderer; 

Also when the editor is activated, you cannot change the selection of GameObject;

To stop the editor, click the "End Edit" button in the image below.



* What's the difference of MeshFilter & SkinnedMeshRenderer?

MeshFilter is for non-skinned mesh, i.e.: it's just a piece of mesh, it will not deform with bone, there's no bone related to this mesh;

SkinnedMeshRenderer is for skinned mesh, it contains array of bones and corresponding bone-weight info used to deform the mesh with bones.

* Can I use Mesh-Manipulator as Modeller?

No, Mesh-Manipulator is designed to morph existing meshes and make vertex animation.

It doesn't add/del mesh primitive ( vertex / edge / face );