Skeleton Animation Manual


Here're the Hotkeys for Bone-editor, using hotkeys will improve efficiency over the GUI buttons;

  C: Focus on current selected bone's position
  P: toggle LOCAL/GLOBAL PivotRotation mode;
  [ ] \ : switch to Parent / child / sibling bone

FK Mode:
  ESCAPE: to cancel current operation mode;
  W/E/R: switch to MOVE/ROTATE/SCALE mode;
  `(backquote): change to IK mode;

IK Mode:
  ESCAPE: deselect bone / fallback to FK mode;
  1/2/3: change IK LinkLength;
  W: enter IK Move mode;
  E: enter IK Rotate / IK Root Rotate mode;
  X: toggle IK plane lock;
  T: flip the current IK link's middle joint
  `(backquote): change to FK mode directly;