Skeleton Animation Manual

Basic Ops: Move / Rotate / Scale

The most basic operations on joint, like in Unity editor, are “Move” / “Rotate" / "Scale".

(In the skinned model's hierarchy, each transform corresponds to a joint in the model.)

The control method & hotkeys are the same as them in the standard operations in Unity; (i.e.: hotkeys are "W", "E", "R" correspondingly )



* How to select a joint?

Just click the joint, you don't need to click accurately at the origin, just somewhere near it will do.

a) The purple lines are links between joints, in another word, the bones;

b) The yellow discs are markers for joints, the disc's normal points towards the Z axis of the joint;

c) The selected joint will become blue tinted;

* How to multi-select joints?

You could select multiple joints, then manipulate them together. This is helpful when work with fingers.

a) Shift+LMB to add/remove one joint to current selection set;

b) Ctrl+LMB to add/remove the joint and all its descendants to the selection set;

* How to use the handle? 

Just like how we do on normal GameObjects;

The data fields on top-left (in the pic above), is the pos/rot/scale data for current selected joint, and can be manipulated there;

* How to deselect a joint?

Clicking another joint will change the selection;

If you would like to select none, click "ESC" on keyboard;