Skeleton Animation Manual

Open & Close Bone-editor

The Skele Bone-editor is linked to the standard Unity Skinned-Mesh-Renderer(SMR) component. 

1. Start Editing


If the Skele package is installed correctly into the project, when developer navigates to a GameObject with SkinnedMeshRenderer(SMR) component, he would see the "StartEdit" button like the pic above. Clicking this button will start the bone-editor immediately;

Be noted that, the selection is locked on the current GameObject when the editor is activated.

2. End Editing 


To deactivate the bone-editor, just click the "EndEdit" button.



* What's the difference of skinned-mesh and non-skinned mesh?

A skinned-mesh, when imported, Unity will automatically add to it the SMR component, which contains the bones & weight info. Developers should not add SMR by themselves, or they will have to fill a lot of info in the SMR component by themselves too.

A non-skinned-mesh, will be added a MeshFilter(MF) component, which has no bone info.

* How to navigate to the GameObject with SMR?

Before Unity5.2, you could click a skinned mesh twice to navigate to the SMR-equipped GameObject;

Since 5.2, Unity added a feature to cycle the selection under the cursor if developer keeps clicking.

* How to work with the Humanoid-rig models?

Please check these two FAQ posts on Humanoid-rig models:

  1. My model gets into curling pose when I try to make keyframes on it!
  2. How to edit the Humanoid clips?